So, this page is filled with random things that I find on the internet and throughout my life that make me happy, evoke emotions, and that literally make me lul. You will experience art, literature, music, architecture, nature, gaming, fashion, television, performing arts, and the laughs that make up a majority of my posts. I hope you enjoy what I have to share. As far as I go, I hail from the sunny state of California, and I guess I can't complain too much about the perfect weather, beaches, and movie stars. I work in a museum and Skyrim makes me wet.
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I was feeling a little down the other day so I decided to look back on what i’ve made this year. I realized I had ten “original” projects so I decided to put them into a photoset!

I’m proud of what i’ve made so far but I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I had hoped!

Luckily I have three months left, hopefully I can get a satisfactory amount of stuff done in that time period. I think I have at least twelve projects I would like to finish up before this year ends, which is kind of crazy.

Most of these were made between April-August,  and this isn’t including Elsa, stays, chemises, headpieces, or incomplete projects. Everything was drafted and sewn by me, and most of them are original designs!